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Nicholas Sterling

Founder / CEO

Nick is an accredited award-winning Business Mentor with extensive general management experience, having operated across multiple levels in a wide range of international companies, within a wide spectrum of industry sectors and market demographies.

He currently supports numerous companies in designing and implementing key strategies, tactics and overall business planning to enable repeatable successes while instilling long-term business maturity in organisations within shifting economic dynamics.

Awards & Accreditations
Nick was educated in the UK, graduated with honours from King's College, University of London, where he also undertook a year of research prior to joining industry. He is a full Member of the New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM). He was recognised with an award from the Chamber of Commerce in 2010 for having successfully supported 13 businesses within the first 8 months, despite the recession. He was the 2007 NZIM Young Executive of the Year Award Finalist.

Applying a global perspective to a local market and making a lasting difference
Nick has lived & worked on 3 continents, is fluent in many languages, and travels to a completely new place on the globe at least once every year. Coupled with his passion to experience new cultures & to meet new people, he also does extensive pro bono work to support professional managers and business communities to think outside the square and to be the best they can possibly be. Nick is also actively involved with a number of NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations) to help support a better society & a more engaging community, both locally & globally.

The concept of Sterling Results
Nick founded Sterling Results ltd., not just because it is his surname, but more because he has met & worked with a multitude spectrum of business people & communities around the globe that all have one thing in common - the aim to achieve results. Sterling results.

Whilst most businesses, excluding some large corporates, are run by people who know their industry, products & services expertly, it is their lack of some business & management expertise in certain key areas that tend to hold them back on their path to achieving their best possible results.

The other common themes shared by the vast majority of business owners are passion & commitment. Most have dedicated a number of years, have invested massively financially and focus daily in making a go of their enterprise, something they deeply believe in, to turn their long-term dreams into reality. Our job is to enable these businesses to get there in the most optimum possible way - to help them achieve THEIR 'Sterling Results'. That is all we are about. Period.

Currently Nick provides business and management consultancy services within NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

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Our pool of talents & stars

General Management & Business Specialists

Spear-headed by Nick Sterling, Sterling Results Ltd. comprise of a group of like-minded, independent, impartial, experienced and mature business experts whose shared passion is to help make a tangible & positive difference - to you & to your business.

We have all "been there, done that, worn the "T-shrits"
We have reached many summits, have fallen a few times too, have got up again, and climbed some more summits.

We are business & management experts.

What history has taught us...
It was once believed that the Earth was the centre of the universe with the Sun orbiting around it. Galileo was jailed by the autorities then for disproving this. Similarly, it was a known convention for centuries that the world is flat and we would fall off the edge if we sailed past the visible horizon. This too was disproven. As recently as 250 years ago, the interior of most countries, whose coastlines were charted by explorers, were depicted in charts as containing monsters - dragons & other fearsome beasts. Most of these places we have most probably traveled to and we know this to be different as well.

Business and Management concepts are no different.
20 years ago, who would have thought that ventures starting from garages would turn into multi-billion global giants within just a few years? If you have got to this page after a 'Google" search or are reading this page using your Apple 'i-Phone", you will know excatly what we mean - they both started in garages.

Recent shifts and the emergence of new revolutionary trends
We have also seen a major shift in major manufacturing moving from the countries that stated the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s to more developing countries, for a cheaper cost and a higher margin. Technology has virtually revolutionsed the way we live, the way we connect & the way we conduct business. As the business environment constantly evolves, with conventional management disciplines aligning to reflect those changes, we have seen the birth & growth of new concepts like crowdsourcing, among others, that adds a completely new dimension to the way some services can be sourced & provided to end customers.

Sharing the real sense of perspective with you
Our experts work with you to give you a greater sense of perspective as to where your business fits in within this constantly evolving dynamics. Rather than from the 'inside looking out', you are also able to 'helicopter' over the top of your business, and from the 'outside looking in', seeing your capabilities within a full competitive landscape & within the constantly shifting economic dynamics. With that in mind, we can support you to better align your long-term vision (your dreams), your mission & key objectives strategically, tactically & operationally to enable you to achieve the best possible results.

Find out more about what we stand for and our company history...