"We've all achieved sterling results!"

Article from 'Innovate' magazine (Aug. 2012 issue) - NZ Chamber of Commerce

Having a business mentor gave Peter Murray, Managing Director of Goodson Imports NZ (GINZ), a fresh perspective on his business that proved to be invaluable.

When he first met his Business Mentor, Nick Sterling, Peter stated it would be good, in light of the very adverse conditions in the market, for his business to maintain the same levels of annual revenue and net profit for the following year. However, much to Peter’s surprise, Nick suggested that he could consider setting a 20% Year-on-Year net growth in revenue. And after completing a comprehensive plan to execute for that year with Nick, Peter ended up doubling the total revenue, achieving a 100% net growth for his business.

“ I blew all my business plan metrics and financial targets completely out of the water – doubled the size of sales revenue, the size of my workforce and transformed my business environment – all in one financial year, and right in the middle of a tough recession. Nick was instrumental in the process.” Peter says.

Strategic business Planning is just one of the many areas that Nick provided valuable advice. Peter also gained numerous best-practice techniques in strategy, sales, marketing, operational design, and people management skills – all which played a part in his business success.

Peter knew what he wanted his business to achieve but had yet to fully crystallise those into clear business outcomes with specific time-frames with measurment metrics. Peter and Nick worked on this first and then developed the individual key tactical and operational initiatives to further support the successful delivery of that strategy, together with some in-depth market, customer and economic analyses.

Nick Sterling is a business and management consultant who has supported 33 business clients in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands since 2010. He brings both generalist and specialist expertise to the mentoring role having been largely in general management of large business units and in leading the delivery of complex business transformation programmes.
Nick finds his work as a business mentor an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience.

“In light of the tough economic conditions that have been impacting a lot of businesses in New Zealand, I felt what better way to contribute to my community than by putting some of my own time to good use by providing business expertise and management support to those that perhaps may not afford to pay for it but still need it.”

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce runs the central Auckland agency for Business Mentors New Zealand. Kerry Clark has been co-ordinator for the service at the Chamber for over five years and has seen some really great success stories come out of the programme. “ It’s great when clients work together with their mentor and form that essential trusting relationship.”
Sterling Results believes in sustainable & consistent business growth through best-practice and innovation. This creates more opportunities within local regions as well as a healthier economy in general.

SR actively supports of the Business Mentoring New Zealand and the Pacific Business Mentoring programmes.

Sterling Results Ltd. is a registered member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

"What recession? We've never been this successful!"

"Since engaging with Sterling Results Ltd., we have consistently performed well above our sales & revenue targets, we have also improved in all facets of our business including marketing, our culture, operations, and administration."

"SR were an excellent sounding board for our ideas, and provided sound & expert guidance when we were tackling tricky problems in our business.

I strongly reccomend engaging SR. They have helped us take the necessary time out of daily operations and the distractions to focus on the important tasks of comprehensive business planning, how to get outstanding results and how to develop ourselves professionally too."

"Sterling Results have given us excellent clarity of focus and direction for the coming year and beyond."

Peter Murray (Managing Director)
"A world of Point of Sale solutions - Good Product, Good Service, Good Value, Goodson"

"Powered by Sterling Results!"

"We have grown from a home business to a successful company in less than 1 year!"

"Within 12 months of our first meeting with Nick of Sterling Results,
Action IT Ltd. grew from a home based owner /operator to a well-structured company with a team of staff, a strong vision, company identity, and offices large enough to accommodate our planned growth."

A clearer vision & a more realistic roadmap
"Action IT Ltd. has now a clear business plan with ambitious but achievable goals, clear steps to achieve these goals and a simple governance & reporting framework to monitor & manage our key objectives. We also benefited from comprehensive, expert guidance to our queries, excellent access to resources & business templates, honest & constructive feedback, and total confidentiality."

Supportive business mentoring
"The road to success can be uncomfortable and stressful. Whilst we were constantly challenged, we were also always encouraged and supported. Nick’s belief in our abilities and his constant support and encouragement, gave us the confidence to build an exciting, professional and profitable business that continues to grow and produce sterling results."

Business Expertise
"His level of expertise and depth of knowledge is profound. He is a management consultant of passion and integrity. We look forward to his continued guidance & support and recommend him highly."

"It will be the best investment you’ll make in your business!"

Lisel du Toit / Simon du Toit (Business Owners / Directors)
"For all your IT needs from a company that knows what IT is all about; puts the service to your end customers & to your staff first; and ACTIONIT for you."

"Optimum health & well-being for my business"

"Sterling Results has enabled me to work ON my business rather than IN my business, and how to better manage myself to achieve my objectives."

Business performance growth
"I have been able to keep on track to successfully meet my financial targets and finally give my business the direction (+ operational and tactical pushes!) it needed."

Customer Insights
"For too long, I had been working ‘in the business’ and only reacting to market demands, rather than focusing ‘on the business’ and looking for new opportunities. SR has helped me to turn that balance around and my business has greatly benefited."

Business Mentoring & Professional Development
"I have also gained valuable experience undertaking the business mentoring & business planning processes and I now have a much clearer vision of the direction for my company. This has also ensured that I was able to meet my financial targets and both my personal and business objectives in the last Financial Year."

Business Healthcheck
"Sterling Results allowed me to gain an objective view of how I had been running my company. They helped me to look at things in a more structured way, ensuring that I covered off all aspects of my business – whether it be marketing, strategy or setting financial targets and key performance metrics."

Impartial Governance
"The involvement of SR in my business also helped me to remain accountable to someone external, which, as an independent business owner, I have no doubt has helped to keep me and my business on track. I had no idea how to manage myself (or my business) effectively. Engaging with SR has helped to ensure that I now have an effective management process in place."

Go for it!
"I would highly recommend SR to any business, whether large or small. Their impartiality & objectivity with their fresh outlook into my business, greatly broadened my sense of reality and the benefits that come from going through these processes, and has already set my business in a much better position for the future."

"Thank you Sterling Results, your help and guidance has been invaluable!"

Angela Berrill (Director & Founder)
"No fad diets with us! We offer complete, life-long nutrition & dietetic support; specialising in weight management and Aged Care nutrition support, for you or for your loved ones."

"Finding my '20%'!"

"Knowing what that magic "20%" for my business is and validating what I am truly good at, has in itself been of huge value!"

Not sure at first...
"I must admit that I was initially sceptical about having a business mentor, as my previous experience with a business mentor completely put me off. But as my business has grown I decided to give it another try, and I am glad I did!"

Business focus
"In a very short space of time Sterling Results have helped me develop clarity around my business goals, and to focus on the most important '20%' of the business that will deliver the best results. SR make me look at the long-term, big picture and helped me put a structured plan in place to implement it."

ONE-Team culture & independent governance
"It’s great having SR “on my team” to provide me with the level of accountability that I need to get the hard stuff done. When you are your own boss it’s easy to lose focus and keep doing the activities and tasks that you enjoy. The reality is you need a more balanced approach."

Business change management
"The professionalism & dilligence of SR in follow-through with and after meetings very promptly and with agreed action plans within specific timeframes, on the key root causes, have also helped me in building & keeping the momentum of positive change within my business."

Strategic business planning
"SR also demonstrate the importance of a particular initiative or action within the big picture & my competitive landscape to better enable me to know how best go about implementing the business changes, so I may get the best results and stay on track from the start."

Business Healthcheck
"SR has the ability to look at your business and quickly point out the areas that need addressing. There is no standard “recipe”, SR analyse your business and provide you specific recommendations that relate to your specific set of needs."

"If you are considering giving them a try, I would say “spend half an hour with Sterling Results over a coffee and you will see exactly what I am talking about”.

Steve Crowe (Director)
"If you think website marketing is impossible, see how TSU can not only make it possible for you, but make it a vital part of your long-term marketing plan."

Being on the same page - Having the same vision