NZTE Capability Development Voucher Programme


A business may be eligible for an NZTE Capability Development Voucher if the business intends to grow and it meets the qualifying criteria for the Scheme.
The Vouchers are available to businesses to use as partial payment towards the cost of capability development and training, as a subsidy up to a maximum of $5,000 per year per business, with the business paying at least half of the total costs.
The NZTE Capability Development Vouchers cover all the programmes and all the business areas outlined in the 'Services' section. 

Qualifying Criteria

To be eligible for a voucher a business must:

  • Be operating with 50 or less FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents) 
  • Be GST registered in New Zealand 
  • Be operating in a commercial environment – i.e. is currently trading 
  • Be privately owned or a Maori Trust or Incorporation or similar organisation managing Maori assets under multiple ownership 
  • Have undergone assessment by a Regional Business Partner 
  • Be exporting, have export potential, be involved in the export supply chain or have the potential to contribute to economic growth in the region 
  • Demonstrate commitment to improving management capability. Indicators of commitment include the fact they have sought advice, have worked through the assessment process and are willing to co-fund capability building activities and make the required time commitment 
  • Have an identified gap in business capability that can be addressed through management capability building and training. 

How to apply

To receive a Capability Development Voucher, a business must be registered on the Accelerate Success website –     
Before registration on the website, it is highly recommended that the business owner consults their local NZTE Regional Business Partner.
​For the eight NZ regions covered by Sterling Results, these are:
  • Grow Wellington: Allison Ralph-Smith - 04 382 0068 - - 
  • ATEED - Auckland Central / Auckland North Shore / Auckland South / Auckland West:
  • Waikato Innovation Park: Business Growth Advisor - 07 857 0538 - - 
  • Northland INC: David Templeton - 09 438 5110 - - 
  • Tauranga Chamber of Commerce - Bay of Plenty: Teresa Anderson - 07 7 577 8957 - -

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