The Governance & Succession Planning Programe

Establising the right framework to enable sustainable success

Target: New Zealand Business owners including family business owners (Company size: 5 – 50 FTEs).
Objective: To enable business owners to establish an empowering governance model for their business in order to:
  • Have timely expertise, guidance and support in meeting strategic business outcomes
  • Create clearer accountability and better decision-making through sound oversightEnsure the effective running of the business to achieve its vision of success consistently and sustainably. 

The Programme also enables business owners to perform succession planning based on an exit strategy that they are supported to fully define.

Approach & Structure:
  • 3 X Half-day workshops – 2hrs Business training (learning) and 2hrs business planning (developing) each - covering all business areas
  • 3 X monthly 2-hr (or 6 X fortnightly 1-hr) one-to-one follow-ups (Implementing & achieving) in-between the individual workshops. 
Business Training & Planning (Personalised 1-1 business training and planning with customised workbook, tools & templates – Learning & Achieving):
  • How to align your long, medium and short termed strategic business outcomes to functions, skills, competencies and roles more effectively
  • Fully review entire business operations and delineate roles and responsibilities to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Determine Single Points of Failure (SPoFs) in the business and plan contingencies to operate at lower risks and costs
  • Learn about various Governance models and the 6 Pillars of Governance and how to implement them within the business
  • Learn about compliance and how to be compliant (Codes of Compliance (incl. bylaws), Companies Act, Health & Safety, and Conduct / Ethics, Business Continuity Planning, Electronic Communication & Internet Policy, etc.)
  • Perform risk management, cost-to-benefit analyses, business sustainability, Business Continuity Planning & Operational Preparedness
  • Managing a successful family businesses, functional roles & responsibilities
  • Succession Planning with exit strategy definitionHow to define and establish an advisory board suited to the needs and structure of your business.
Key outcomes and tangible business benefits:
  • Have a business with clearer accountability with an aligned decision-making process established, with no Single Points of Failure
  • Removal of duplication in functions, roles and responsibilities to increase efficiency and productivity at lower costs
  • Have an advisory board with the right business performance review forums and reporting established
  • Be fully compliant as a business – legally and operationallyIncreased business performance, risk management and sustainability
  • Have a defined exit strategy with a succession plan to implement.
Cost: $3,000 plus GST (Programme duration up to 3 months). 

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