The Commercial & Market Feasibility Analysis Programme

Intelligent pre-launch market testing and commercial planning to ensure the right target is achieved

Target: Business owners and senior managers (Company size: Start-Ups, 1 – 50 FTEs).
To enable business owners, including Start-Ups, to:
  • Perform quick & efficient feasibility analyses to determine the commercial and market viability of products / services
  • Research, plan and decide on whether business concepts can be turned into successful commercial realities, by when, at what cost, how and for what returns. 
Approach & Structure:
  • 3 X Half-day workshops – 2hrs Business training (learning) and 2hrs business planning (developing) each - covering all business areas
  • 3 X monthly 2-hr (or 6 X fortnightly 1-hr) one-to-one follow-ups (Implementing & achieving) in-between the individual workshops. 
Business Training and Planning (Personalised 1-1 business training and planning with customised workbook, tools & templates – Learning & Achieving):
  • Learn how to perform feasibility analyses to test the commercial viability of business concepts
  • Plan & conduct market research and surveys, to determine market needs and trends; industry sector’s needs and trends
  • Perform in-depth competitor-SWOT analyses
  • Plan a brand strategy
  • Comprehensively plan and cost the business operations model - from Start to Launch, to Break-even point, to end of FY
  • Plan and secure Seed / VC funding (if applicable)
  • Perform resource management planning, skills and experience gap analyses.

Key outcomes and tangible business benefits:

  • Be able to quickly & efficiently decide on whether a business venture can be commercially viable or not
  • Being more empowered to plan business set-up & company launch; break-even, and subsequent revenue & profitability growth
  • Gain ability to plan and to comprehensively cost a business operations model end-to-end
  • Be able to effectively brand, to better identify & plan for opportunities to increase market share consistently and profitably
  • Enhanced ability to be competitively-aware and to innovatively create differentiation and uniqueness
  • Be better able to make accurate business decisions based on research, planning and analyses.
Cost: $4,000 plus GST (Programme duration up to 3 months). 

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