The Comprehensive Business Audit Programme

Be more profitable by fine-tuning your business for optimum effectiveness

Target: Business owners and senior managers (Company size: 1 – 50 FTEs).
Objective: Enabling business owners and senior managers to step back objectively and to examine all aspects of their business comprehensively, and with a fresh perspective. 
It enables you to gain better business and management capabilities to work ‘on the business’ vs. ‘in the business’ by:
  • Holistically reviewing their business performance over time – Journey takenProperly ascertaining how the whole business is performing against its plan and budget – Current state
  • Knowing how to achieve immediate success and moving the business to the next level – Future state. 
Approach & Structure:
  • 3 X Half-day workshops – 2hrs Business training (learning) and 2hrs business planning (developing) each - covering all business areas
  • 3 X monthly 2-hr (or 6 X fortnightly 1-hr) one-to-one follow-ups (Implementing & achieving) in-between the individual workshops. 
Services (Personalised 1-1 business training and planning with customised workbook, tools & templates – Learning & Achieving):
  • Learning how to perform strategic business review to determine whether the business has the right strategies for growth
  • Ability to do comprehensive financial reviews on profitability, revenue, margins and costs across the entire business
  • Knowing how to review industry trends, market segments, industry sectors, brand strategy, customer profiles, products and services
  • Learning how to review customer experience, sales planning, strategic partnerships, channel management, online / e-commerce models
  • Ability to perform operational reviews of people (functions, skills and experience), methodologies, processes, tools and systems
  • Gaining knowledge on how to improve business sustainability, disaster recovery and preparedness, including business risk management. 
Key outcomes and tangible business benefits:
  • Getting a comprehensive and objective view of the business end-to-end to determine the right strategies to achieve it vision
  • Understanding why the business may not have achieved expected results and what needs to change to enable overall business success
  • Capturing lessons-learned to intelligently consolidate and grow profitably
  • Enhancing the ability to ensure day-to-day business operations add more value and are optimally aligned to achieving the strategic business goals
  • Ability to better identify & plan opportunities, market and sell, creating a more aligned customer experience - increasing revenue performance, market share, customer lifetime value and profitability
  • Enhanced ability to better manage business risks, issues and to make better business decisions
  • Gaining knowledge on efficiency, productivity, tools, systems and processes improvements ensuring the business operates at lower costs and risks and at higher profitability
  • Knowing how to best structure the organisation to deliver the strategic business outcomes
  • Greater ability to engage, manage and develop staff to create a highly motivated and loyal company culture.
Cost of Programme: $3,000 plus GST
(Programme duration up to 3 months) 

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