Award-winning business development services

Creating business brilliance for you

  • Re-connect with that inner passion you have for your business
  • Sense the freedom in managing your own business
  • Maximise your creativity and your innovation
  • Achieve those strategic goals, Year-on-year, sustainably.

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About Sterling Results

Sterling Results Ltd. (SR) (formerly Sterling Management Consultancy Ltd.) is an expert provider of management consultancy, business mentoring, business planning and business training services to support strategic growth and organisational capability development. 
SR fully supports regional and economic development through industry best-practice services to SMEs, Start-Ups and Non-Profit organisations in NZ, and across the Pacific Islands, working with local Chambers of Commerce.
SR is NZTE-registered to provide business and management capability development services to NZ businesses nationwide.

The Heart of Sterling Results - Our Vision

“We help you as business owners reconnect with that passion you had when you first started out;

Enabling you to turn your business concepts into sustainable, repeatable, successful realities;

And supporting you achieve the goals you have when you dare to dream big, again and again.”

The Brains of Sterling Results - Our Mission

“Making business & management best-practice methodologies, tools and processes affordable for you;

and being the cornerstone for your sustainable capability development and long-term success.”

The core beliefs that we live by - Our Values

  • We believe in you – The unique contribution that you make to your world and to the world entire
  • We inspire, empower, motivate and enable you to be the best at what you love doing
  • We love freedom of thought & action and to explore the world – The sky is the limit - Spreading your wings to your full potential
  • We value people - Personal growth and professional development to better contribute to business growth
  • We innovate constantly to add greater value for you - Customised business solutions designed for your particular business and needs
  • We are disciplined, results-focused, open, diverse and culturally-rich
  • We care - We do well by doing good in the world – We exist to make a difference first – G.E.M (Going the Extra Mile) Programmes
  • We love what we do and have fun doing it!